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“It's better to have 1000 customers love you than a million kind of like you”.
How about finding 1000 customers that love you, and doing that 1000 times?
To achieve that, you need to micro-target at scale.
And to be able to micro-target at scale, you need to understand Topicgraphics.



Market segment defined by a common interest (topic). People (target audiences) are connected by a common interest as opposed to demographic data.

Topicgraphics vs demographics

Most brands and businesses today still target by demographics. This is largely based on the idea that people from the same gender (i.e all women) should receive the same message, or all African Americans because of their race, or all old people, rich people, or young people should be targeted the same way because of their demographics.

This is what we call targeting for the lazy.

To really find what influences your target audience, their worldview, and ultimately, their purchasing behaviour, targeting by topicgraphics is far more effective.

If you understand the topics of the people you’re targeting, you can nuance your messaging to resonate more effectively with those key audience groups.

The Leading Agency for Topicgraphic Based Growth Marketing

We help brands and businesses triple their growth by:

  1. Rebuilding their marketing foundations with a topicgraphic analysis
  2. Micro-targeting at scale for maximum ROI

1. Rebuilding marketing foundations with a topicgraphics analysis

For most brands and businesses, the messaging and targeting behind their marketing campaigns is creative lead - A top-down approach. Their best minds come together to come up with creative messages and push these messages onto the audience in the hope that they resonate.

Using our unique expertise in social big data we deep dive into your industry’s data and perform a topicgraphic analysis. With this, you don’t need to guess as to what creative messages may or may not work. We use hundreds of millions of data points to create a birds-eye view (insights) on your target audience, and to understand which messages are going to appeal to which segment of your target audience, way before the creative process start.

Furthermore, a topicgraphic analysis uncovers hidden gems like the intrinsic values of your target audience, unknown influencers, undiscovered keywords, tribes, unofficial and official channels, events, and much more. And with the power bestowed on us by this data, we are able to build a model to predict the purchasing behaviour of your target customer.

This becomes the rocket fuel for all your marketing campaigns.

2. Micro-targeting at scale for maximum ROI

Based on the topicgraphic analysis, we'll have consumer insights for your industry, product, and brand. Insights that'll maximise new revenue streams for your business.

Afterwards, we'll develop and execute creative marketing strategies to amplify your brand or business to reach millions of potential brand loyalist by micro-targeting at scale. Strategies include:

ROI of using Audience Finder Agency?

  • Get brand loyalists, not just viewers
  • Business growth, not just brand awareness
  • Overtake your competitors, that are still marketing to millennials
  • Link topicgraphic insights with operational business performance, making better business decisions
  • Get the power of a million person survey without the hassle

Our expertise will help you leverage the power of personal connections to engage billions of people worldwide (micro-targeting at scale).

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