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Here are a few bite-sized insights out of the millions of data points analyzed at Audience Finder

For VoD (Video on demand services)

Cinema and series Lovers are into vintage sci-fi more than ever.

For Events and Festivals Producers

If you want to organize a massive event that goes on for years and still gathers the top innovators around.

If you are in the travel industry

Portland is trending and weird accommodations too! ;)

If you’re targeting mothers

You’re either a mom, or you don’t understand.

If you sell organic products

Acknowledge that you’re a hero. Act as one.

Fitness trackers / wearables market

Age is a state of mind. Have you thought of wealthy elders?

If you wanna know the truth about your community

What to talk about if you’re promoting kids’ furniture to Italians?

If you export original products overseas

Base your message on roots and nostalgia. You might find out that in the US alone, there are about 18 million people in your target market.

If you’re in the beauty industry

Design recipes, beauty routines and life hacks with a component of DIY (plus your magic, which is the product you sell).

If you’re targeting food niches

Well, there’s a looooooooooot of niches.

In the tech gadgets market?

Need a hint on what digital nomads want?

Consumer's grocery insight

If you’re wondering how much consumers spend in their weekly groceries

If you're in the travel industry

Start targeting solo female travelers! Now! They're trending and have a lot of needs.

If you want to understand Silicon Valley

Listen to Elon Musk, rather than watching the HBO show.


We’ve also discovered that mermaid fins are a thing for both mothers and daughters. :O

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