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How to stop relying on generic ads and instead use micro-influencers to get extremely targeted leads coming into your business on a regular basis

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Influencer Marketing is the new black. But what if you want to maximize your ROI while minimizing risk and influencing actual buying behavior?

This is a free 5-day online course that will teach you how to find undiscovered micro-influencers that will double your social influence right there where your new customers are (communities). We start from scratch - from your brand target audience to the very people that can make your new sales happen. There is also a dedicated team answering your doubts and solving your problems along the path, meaning that you’ll have all the help you need to start your influencer marketing strategy right away. We are not robots, we listen and value your specific needs and concerns!

It’s not about width, it’s about depth. It’s about how many people care, not how many people you have. Gary Vaynerchuck

Here's a breakdown of the course, and a preview of each lesson…

Lesson 1: Let’s define influence: the actual meaning of influence meaning minus the marketers’ fluff

  • Influence definition
  • Influence meaning (the actual meaning for your strategy: $$$)
  • What is influencer marketing

Lesson 2: Now, let’s find your niche: advanced targeting with topicgraphics

  • How to find new target audiences with topicgraphics
  • Let's start with online communities!
  • Data points required to find the right community for your strategy
  • How can you scale the process (micro-targeting at scale)?

Lesson 3: The undiscovered micro-influencers

  • The biggest mistake marketers do: confusing media influence with actual influencer marketing
  • The second biggest mistake marketers do: stopping at Instagram sponsored posts
  • Solution: the incredible power of micro-influencers (that don’t know they are influencers!!!)

Lesson 4: Ok, got it! But how can we choose the right micro-influencers?

  • Influence data: influencers versus micro-influencers, a scientific approach
  • The most important metrics to scout influence that converts in sales: from engagement rate to buying behavior
  • 2 ways to find micro-influencers: tribes kings and hidden micro-influencers
  • Introducing the magic: the content influence score
  • How to reach micro-influencers
  • Hacking word-of-mouth marketing with stories

Lesson 5: Wrapping up, and making it huge

  • A recap of what've learned so far in digestible steps
  • Micro-targeting at scale to generate higher conversion
  • Congrats! You’re better than 95% of the marketers out there! :) <3

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What makes Audience Finder's Micro-influencers Email Course the most actionable education on influencer marketing and social influence?

  • You will have the data - We gathered billions of data on communities, including who’s influencing them. We base your education on actual consumers and actual conversion.
  • You’ll love education - We’ve been teaching people the power of social data since the beginning of the 2.0. We’re looking for new people to empower.
  • Absolutely NO marketing fluff - We hate the noise and the approximation of marketers’ lies. We treat social media and content marketing strategies as science.
  • You decide when, how, what - Learn from any device, from anywhere and anytime. Focus on your own goals.
  • Not a geek? - If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. Albert Einstein. We believe in this. We work in this way. Last week I explained influencer marketing to my grandma. If she got it, you can get it.
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