In the throes of creating a marketing campaign for moms, it can be hard to find clear-cut direction.

You might find yourself second-guessing your decisions, questioning your copy, and what you should be pouring your time into.

You may feel lost and frustrated with connecting with moms on the path to gaining their trust (hard!), to ultimately grow your business and bring in a sizable revenue (mothers are the gateway to sales).

And that's where Audience Finder comes in. In December 2016, we conducted a market research on mothers’ segment, to answer the question: what makes mothers tick? The goal of the analysis is, specifically, to understand how best to engage and connect with them effectively.

The Social Big Data Set

  • Total number of posts: 500,000
  • Total number of members: 100,000
  • Total number of pages: 121
  • Total number of groups: 28
  • Words tracked: 75,000,000
  • Total likes tracked: 50,192,296
  • Total comments tracked: 5,293,348
  • Total shares tracked: 32,572,252

Want more?

  • Target analysis of mothers in any other country/market
  • Analysis and report of any other segment or target. Examples: startuppers, travelers, vegans, environmentalists...
  • New Audiences’ Scouting for your brand
  • Analysis of influencers for your brand

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What people are saying


Chiara Egisti

Marketing Consulting and Brand Management

Alessia has a designer mind-set yet analytic approach that always makes it to find solutions to whatever brand’s problem/need. Why? Because she starts from a consumer focused analysis that gives you strategic insights as opposed to just data. She designed over the years an innovative approach to the market, that can truly change your vision of marketing and consumers' needs: once you start using it, you never go back, “like the Matrix pill”. ;) The insights are actionable and time/money saving: for instance, the tech she uses at AudienceFinder allows you to develop a content strategy that has already a target audience to talk to. We’ve been collaborating in many forms over the last few years: I’d recommend her/her agency to those that understand the value of game-changing marketing strategies which ensure results.


Tomiwa Adey

CEO at Gum Technologies

“To anyone considering working with Audience Finder. Alessia is amazing at what she does. She draws out the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish and translates it into a stunning analysis that gets your business on a sure path to success.”

Imagine never having the headache of guessing what makes your customers click?

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